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Giving you legal advice that makes business sense is the difference between our firm and some other firms (we still work well with them to advocate for you – not to worry!) If you are opening a new business, we will tell you about the available structures (other than just a simple incorporation). If you are going into business with others, the structure will be different, and will involve drafting a robust agreement that sets out everyone’s responsibilities and exit strategies. This is an important step, especially if things don’t go according to plan. We will tell you what the options are. Expanding, acquiring, or selling a business may happen in the form of transferring shares, assets, or a combination of both. Usually a lease is involved. Sometime employee contracts must be dealt with. You should seek legal advice before accepting an offer. We will tell you what issues to think about, and what solutions will have what consequences from a tax, control, value-creation, and risk perspective.

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