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Choosing a business structure determines how your company operates and how it is taxed. The team of lawyers at Bijan Law will help you select the best structure to fit your personal and family income needs and wealth growth.


We will also advise you on the best way to structure your business to limit personal exposure to liability and maximize control and flexibility over the flow and growth of income and capital for both the business and its shareholders with the most advantageous structure for tax purposes.


Conducting such an estate administration may be complicated, and require the knowledge and skill of an experienced British Columbia estate planning solicitor.

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Navigate through the legal aspects of running your business with confidence. 
The knowledgeable team of lawyers at our Downtown Vancouver office can help you through it.

At Bijan Law, our team excels at transactional work. We carefully craft the documents and contracts your business needs to run smoothly. Successful business transactions not only resolve each party’s need to close the deal efficiently- they also prove their value over time, defining commitments and performance measures.


These transactions must be purposefully drafted and negotiated so as to withstand legal challenges in the event disputes or conflicts arise. Our detail-driven lawyers will painstakingly comb through every aspect of every transaction, setting your business up for continuing success.

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