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New Vancouver Law Office Launch - Bijan Law

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, Bijan Law is a general practice law firm serving the Lower Mainland.

In collaboration with architects at Human studio and carpenter Romney Shipway at Shipway Living Design, the firm's office was transformed from concept to reality. To celebrate the space’s opening, an event was held with the former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark as the keynote speaker.

Here is the story behind the design and build of Bijan Law's new headquarters.

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Bijan Ahmadian, founder of Bijan Law

"Our practice is different from other law firms - we have to be different in order to compete."

"The logo features a salmon colour - salmon is disruptive and swims against the current. We want to be positively disruptive."

"It’s going to be a place of gathering for our clients, for people we do business with. It’s going to be a place that people will go to knowing that there is somebody they can reach to there when they have a problem. It’s going to be a fun, dynamic, and vibrant place, and I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone here."

Bruce Haden, architect at Human Studio

“One of the core ideas behind this space was that It’s not just a law office, it’s place for Bijan and colleagues to bring together people and community”

“Bijan gave us a totally different challenge - lets give the view and the light to the most important people in the room, which are the clients. This is an absolute disruption of the traditional hierarchy of offices."

"Community and conversation are all so central to innovation. It’s totally clear that with all the advanced technologies in the world, people talking to each other is still the source of all the great ideas."

"We designed the front entry area not just to be the place where people sit and wait for their meetings, but also to be able to open up to the meeting spaces so that you can have lectures here, parties, etc.."

Charlea Greig, Human Studio

“What we’re trying to do is differentiate the space from other law offices by creating a different feature that will draw you in to the space through the mill work that Romney’s designing and creating different layouts that create privacy but openness at once.”

Right Honorable Joe Clark, Former Canadian Prime Minister

“This young and ambitious firm’s … purpose is to be realistic about …. [legal] challenges and creative in addressing them.”

“It’s a great honour for me to be here tonight, and I look forward to further conversation.”

Romney Shipway, Designer at Shipway Living Design

"[Haden] brought me in on this project to do an installation that traveled through Bijan’s Law firm and he laid out a rough form that was informed by the calligraphy of the Persian text."

"We [were inspired by] words like fidelity, trust, community, family- all these things that are the essence of law."

"For this project we decided to use black walnut which is a very sustainable wood with a beautiful rich colour."

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Bijan Law is a general practice law firm in downtown Vancouver. We can help you out whether you're entering a partnership for investment, starting or purchasing/selling a business, want to keep wealth within your family, immigrate to Canada, or resolve a dispute.


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Complimentary parking is available at Pacific Centre. Please take a parking ticket as you enter the garage and park in any space not marked “Reserved.” Our receptionist will issue you a parking voucher at the front desk.

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