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News for Developers - BC Government Apprenticeship Requirements

Quick piece of news for those in contracting and development. According to this article on the Government of BC's site, contractors on major infrastructure projects are required to demonstrate that they're doing apprenticeship training.

While this won't apply to most developers working on family homes, projects valued at over $15 million will need to show that they're training on site.

Registered apprentices must be used directly when the job's scope is included in one of the Red Seal Trades.

According to the article, one can register an apprentice here. Prime contractors can report quarterly and at the end of the project here.

This initiative is an effort by the BC government to grow the number of skilled workers in the province. In addition to private projects valued at over $15 million, contractors working on public services like schools or highways will need to follow this as well.

Additionally, they will have to produce plans for their apprentices and follow up quarterly.

According to BC Jobs Minister Shirley Bond,

"“This now makes it clear to [contractors] that if you are going to bid on a project in British Columbia that has taxpayer money invested in it, that you will be required to demonstrate your use of apprentices and, in fact, if you fail to do that, we could eventually withhold your final payment on the contract,”

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