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What are the Differences Between a Law Firm and a Notary?

In this post, we’ll be outlining the main differences between notaries and law firms. We’ll dispel some myths about the pricing and services offered between the two.

The primary difference between the two is that BC Notaries won’t help you out in court or get involved in litigation (negotiations between two parties).  In BC, notaries only work with non-contentious (not likely to result in a dispute) matters where both sides have already come to an agreement. They can help out with mortgages, real estate transfers, and other contract-based issues.

That being said, there are some distinct advantages to choosing a law firm over a notary. First, lawyers need two University degrees, a year of articling (practical training), and a legal training course to work, leading them to be much more experienced and knowledgeable on average. They have a deeper and more up to date understanding of the issues that effect your prenup, for example.

Especially when it comes to wills, lawyers have a better understanding of estate law and are able to help with disputes through estate litigations. In other words, if you run into problems with important contracts, a lawyer can better protect you. Laws are constantly changing, especially in Vancouver’s volatile real estate market. They can go to court if need be and give you valuable advice that could save you from thousands down the line.

Despite those advantages, lawyers generally match the price of notaries. Law firms do contracts like wills as well, and need to stay competitive with their pricing. Especially in an area like the Lower Mainland where there are plenty of lawyers and notaries, prices don’t vary too much.

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