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What Can An Immigration Lawyer Do For Me?

The chances of successfully immigrating to Canada nearly double when working with an Immigration Lawyer, according to a Toronto Star report.

An immigration lawyer can help get your study, work or visitor visas, and help you on your path to citizenship. In this post, we'll be discussing what immigration lawyers do and the risks of not hiring one.

19.3% of those who complete their own Canada immigration application are refused.

The process of immigration in Canada is highly complex, requiring one to correctly complete paperwork, pay fees, and document their qualifications. Additionally, there are numerous nuances in the process that an experienced immigration lawyer is aware of that could help your case.

The lawyer helps you by preparing documents, outlining exactly which items you need to collect independently, and can use prior experience to navigate tough subjective situations.

Your application could be rejected if there are mistakes or inconsistencies, and an established lawyer could make sure you don't have any. Additionally, they could make sure your testimony is effective and clear. You need to win over the US Government Officer assigned to your case, and having a tight case will be immensely helpful.

Most often, people hire immigration lawyers when applying for a visa or green card. While every case is different, there are situations where having representation is crucial. If you've been convicted of a crime, been denied in a previous application, been deported or excluded entry, or if there are changes to your relationship status if you're getting sponsored by a spouse.

To attain citizenship, you need to first apply for permanent residency. In some scenarios like attending University, one may apply for a temporary residency visa. In the case of a temporary residency, you should contact an immigration lawyer if you're having trouble with your work or student visa.

While you can sponsor your child under 22 (or over 22 if they're dependent on you financially), spouse, or a spouse's child, there can be complications with sponsorship outside of these. For example, you'd want to contact an immigration lawyer if you're dealing with kids in your custody due to adoption or divorce.

Finally, the immigration process can be tedious and complex. Especially if you're not confident in your English speaking abilities, a lawyer can make sure you understand your rights and don't make simple mistakes that costs you your application.

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