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What Happens if I Die without a Will?

First, let’s talk about what will happen if one dies with a will in place.

After expenses like the funeral or cremation have been paid, the estate will be given out as highlighted in your document. Most of the time.

Sometimes, a will can be challenged by an organizations like financial institutions before paying out and matters get more complicated. In certain situations probate will be required - click on this link to learn about that.

In these situations, it would be best to consult with a lawyer. If the person who passed has a spouse or child that's still alive and was supported financially by them, the estate can go to them first before anyone in the will. If they had a joint venture or bank account with somebody else, things could get complicated. Finally, if somebody included in the will passed away as well it could be a complex situation.

What if one passes without a will?

In that scenario, nobody gets automatic authority to the estate. To get access, one would need to apply for a court order, which can be a stressful, expensive, and time consuming process. Probate fees may also be payable, depending on the area and value of the estate, more on that here.

These articles break down different scenarios of how one's estate could be divided up between their spouse and kids.

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