Real Estate

It’s been said that “the best investment on earth, is earth”. Whether you are investing in residential or commercial property, alone or with others, we will give you the support you need to feel confident and make a prudent purchase. The first time most of our long-term commercial or residential clients met us was probably through simple conveyancing. You can also count on our experienced conveyancing team to properly get you through a closing, with an extra set of eyes for quality control. Along the way, we educate you about property law, so you gain the required knowledge to ask us better questions. Rather than just pointing you to the signature line, we strive to tell you certain things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know! Conducting due diligence and structuring commercial transactions are where you get the benefit of Bijan’s creativity directly. He will work with you and your team of investors and professionals with a forward-looking focus on taxes, value-creation, and risks. He is rarely described as a conventional lawyer, and it pays to find out why.